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7: 00 PM (MDT) Maurine School 

Members Present:

( ) Scott Vance

Board President


( ) Noma Welter

Board Vice President

( ) Lynn Halligan

Board Member

( ) Kevin Groves

Board Member

( ) Justin Haines

Board Member

( ) Kelly Daughters

Superintendent/SPED Director

( ) Amie Schauer

Business Manager

( ) Kasey Hale

K-12 Principal


I.                  Call to Order (Flag Salute)

II.                 Roll Call

III.                Conflict Disclosure

IV.                Citizens – Public may address the Board – Items may be heard or deferred

V.                 Addition(s) to the agenda followed by approval

VI.                Consent Agenda

1.      Approve Minutes (Regular meeting September 11, 2019)

2.     Financial Reports

3.    Claims


VII.              Reports

 1.     Superintendent Report

                       2.    Principals Report

3.     Board of Education Reports

1.  Library



VIII.             Discussion Items

1.        ASBSD Region Meeting (Oct. 22 in Box Elder)

2.       Grant from Homeland Security

3.       Concessions

4.       14 Passenger Bus

5.       G&R Controls



IX.                Action Items

1.        Delegate Assembly-(Nov 15 Noon-4PM MT)

2.       Extra-Curricular Contracts


X.                 Executive Session-Students (SDCL 1-25-2 (2)) Discussing the expulsion, suspension, discipline, assignment of or the educational program of a student.


XI.                Adjournment


                        Important Dates

November 13, 2019 Next Regular Board Meeting -7:00PM –School Conference Room


Congratulations to our Lady Longhorns - Little Moreau Conference Volleyball Tournament Champions!





P.O. Box 619 

206 West 5th Street
Faith, SD  57626
Tele. # 605-967-2152 
Fax # 605-967-2153


The Faith School District is an accredited K-12 school system.  174 students attend the town and one rural school.


Faith School District Mission Statement

 Recognizing and stimulating the full potential of every student for lifelong learning.  

Faith School District Vision


 Faith School District Beliefs  

We Believe:

  • Every child succeeds at a different level.
  • Educational success can be achieved with parents and teachers working together.
  • Optimal educational opportunities need to be provided to allow our students to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Students need a safe learning environment to succeed.

SD DOE Testing Dates for 2018-19 school year

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often called "the Nation's Report Card," is the only nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subjects. Its two major goals are to measure student achievement and to report change in student performance over time. The NAEP for Math and Reading will be administered to many South Dakota students in 2019. The NAEP is given to a sampling of students across the nation. The results of the NAEP are given for the entire nation and for individual states. Results are also given for specific groups of students, e.g. gender, racial and ethnic groups, and National School Lunch Program eligibility. Results are not available for schools or individual students.


The NAEP is given to many South Dakota students in reading and mathematics at grades 4, 8, and 12 every two years. National and state results are reported to the public. Several other subjects are tested in different years with only national level results reported. Students will be tested at the following schools on the following dates:

    Jan. 28 – March 8, 2019

ACCESS and ACCESS Alt (for EL students)

ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is a secure large-scale English language proficiency assessment administered to Kindergarten through 12th grade students who have been identified as English language learners (ELLs). It is given annually in to monitor students' progress in acquiring academic English. ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is aligned with the WIDA English Language Development Standards and assesses each of the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The assessment is available in both paper-based and online formats for Grades 1-12, while Kindergarten and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs are paper-based tests. 

    ACCESS 2.0: Jan. 28 – Feb.28, 2019
    ACCESS Alt: Jan. 28 – Feb.28, 2019

Smarter Balanced (ELA and Math Assessment)

The Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment measures student achievement in relation to our state standards in the areas of English language arts and mathematics. The online test uses adaptive testing technologies to the greatest extent possible to provide meaningful feedback and actionable data that teachers and other educators can use to help students succeed. In addition to providing overall scores in those two subjects, score reports will provide information on student performance in the following areas:

·        English: reading, writing, listening, and research

·        Math: concepts and procedures; problem solving and modeling/data analysis; and communicating reasoning

    Grades 3-8 and 11: March 6 - May 3, 2019 
    (Paper/pencil window: March 18 – April 19, 2019. Tests shipped no later than April 25, 2019)

MSAA (Alternate ELA and Math Assessment)

Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) in the areas of English language arts and mathematics is an assessment developed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The MSAA is based on alternate achievement standards which have been derived from and are connected to the state’s achievement standards. The overall goal of the MSAA is to make sure that all students achieve increasingly higher academic outcomes and leave high school ready for such post-high school options such as college, career, and community participation.

    March 18 - May 3, 2019 (tentative)

South Dakota Science and South Dakota Science Alt

The South Dakota Science Assessment measures student achievement in relation to our new state standards that were adopted in May 2015.  As the test is organized around new standards, this spring will be a field test of new items and content organization. This means that reporting, if any, will be limited since standards for comparison cannot be determined until after testing is complete.  Any results will be raw scores with no levels of achievement. The test will be given on the computer. 

    April 1 – May 3, 2019

Home School Testing (State-provided SAT 10)

    March 25 – April 19, 2019


The ACT is the leading US college admissions test that measures what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college.

Registration Deadline: November 2nd, 2018

Test Date: December 8th, 2018

The Faith Public School Library

is excited to now offer digital downloads

of both text and audio books.  To get your

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