School Board Policies



SECTION A:  Foundations and Basic Commitments


Section A of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements related to the district’s legal role in providing the public education and the underlying principles on which the district operates.  The policies in this section provide a setting for all of the school board’s other polices.


AA                             School District Legal Status

ABA (Also KC)         Community and Parent Involvement in Decision Making

ABAA                        Parent Involvement in Title I

ABAA-R                    Parent Involvement in Title I Projects

ABAAA                     Complaint Policy for Federal Programs

ABAB                         Parent Involvement Policy

ABAC                          Relations with Parents

AC                               Nondiscrimination

ACAA                          Sexual Harassment Policy

ACAB                         Discrimination/Harassment Policy

ACAB-E                    Discrimination/Harassment Forms

AD                              Educational Philosophy, Mission Statement and Vision

ADF                          Wellness Policy

AFA (Also BK)          Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures

AFB (Also CBG)       Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent

AFC (Also GCN)       Evaluation of Professional Staff

AFC-R                       Faith School District #46-2 Teacher Evaluation Policy

AFD (Also GDN)       Evaluation of Support Staff

AFE (Also IM)           Evaluation of Instructional Programs

  AH                            Conflict  of Interest Disclosure and Authorization

AH-E(1)                      Conflict of Interest Disclosure

AH-E(2)                        School Board Action on Conflict of Interest Disclosure of a Direct Benefit                                                


SECTION B:  School Board Governance and Operations


Section B of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements about the school board – how it is elected, organized; how it conducts its meetings and operates.  This section includes bylaws and a policy establishing the board’s internal operating procedures.


BA                              Board Operational Goals

BB                               School Board Legal Status

BBA                            School Board Powers and Duties

BBAA                         Board Member Authority

BBB                            School Board Elections

BBBA                         Board Member Qualifications

BBBB                         Board Member Oath of Office

BBBB-E                     Board Member Oath of Office Form

BBC/BBD                  Board Member Resignation/Removal from Office

BBE                            Unexpired Term Fulfillment

BBE-E                        Application for Board of Education Membership                             

BBE-R                        Unexpired Term Fulfillment Regulations

BBF-E                                    School Board Member Ethics Form

BBFA                         Board Member Conflict of Interest

BCA                           Board Organizational Meeting

BCB                            Board Officers

BCC                           Appointed Board Officials

BCD                           Board-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent Relationship

BCD-E                       Board-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent Relationship Form

BCE                            Board Committees

BCF                            Advisory Committees to the Board

BCG                           School Attorney

BD                              School Board Meetings

BDC                           Executive Sessions

BDDA                                    Notification of Board Meetings

BDDB                         Agenda Format

BDDC                                    Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BDDD                                    Quorum

BDDE                         Rules of Order

BDDE-E                     Parliamentary Procedure

BDDEA                      Parliamentarian

BDDF                         Voting Method

BDDG                                    Minutes

BDDH (Also KD)      Public Participation at Board Meetings

BF                               Board Policy Development

BFB                            Preliminary Development of Policies

BFC                            Policy Adoption                                                                                                                               

BFCA (Also CHB)    Board Review of Regulations (And Approval for Issuance)

BFD                            Policy Dissemination

BFE (Also CHD)       Administration in Policy Absence

BFF                            Suspension of Policies

BFG/BFGA                Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check

BHA                           New Board Member Orientation.

BHB                            Board Member Development Opportunities

BHD                           Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BJ                               School Board Memberships

BK (Also AFA)          Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures



SECTION C:  General School Administration


Section C of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements about the school district management, the administrative structure, school building, and department administration.  It also is the location for personnel policies that pertain to one individual – the superintendent.


CBB                            Recruitment of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent

CBC/CBD                  Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent’s Contract/Compensation and Benefits

CBG (Also AFB)       Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Superintendent

CCB                           Line and Staff Relations

CH                              Policy Implementation

CHA                           Development of Regulations

CHB (Also BFCA)    Board Review of Regulations (And Approval for Issuance)

CHC                           Regulations Dissemination

CHCA                        Approval of Handbooks and Directives

CHD (Also BFE)       Administration in Policy Absence

CM                             School District Annual Report



SECTION D:  Fiscal Management


Section D of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statement concerning district fiscal affairs and the management of district funds.  Statements relating to the financing of school construction, however, are filed in the F (Facilities Development) section.


DA                              Fiscal Management Goals

DB                              Annual Budget

DBB                            Fiscal Year

DBC                           Budget Deadlines and Schedules

DBD                           Budget Planning

DBH                           Budget Adoption Procedures

DBJ                            Budget Implementation

DBK                           Budget Transfer Authority

DC                              Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations           

DD                              Funding Proposals and Applications

DE                              Revenues from Tax Sources

DH                              Bonded Employees and Officers

DIB                             Types of Funds

DIC                             Financial Reports and Statements

DID                             Inventories

DIE                             Audits

DJ                               Purchasing

DJB                            Petty Cash Accounts

DJBA                         Incidental Accounts

DJD                            Local Purchasing

DJF                             Purchasing Procedures

DJF-R                                    Business Credit Card Use Policy

DJG                            Vendor Relations

DK                              Payment Procedures

DLA                           Payday Schedules

DLB                            Salary Deductions

DLC                           Expense Reimbursements

DLC-E                       Faith School District Voucher

DLC-R                       Expense Reimbursements Regulations



SECTION E:  Support Services


Section E of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statement on non-instructional services and programs, including most of those that fall in the area of business management such as safety, buildings and management (not construction), transportation, food services.


EBBA                                     First Aid

EBBA-E                                 Medical Treatment Consent Form

EBBB                                     Accident Reports

EBBB-E                                 Accident Report Form

EBC                                        Emergency Plans

EBCB                                     Fire Drills

EBCD                                     Emergency Closings

ECA                                       Buildings and Grounds Security

ECAA                                     Equal Access Policy

ECAB                                     Vandalism

ECB                                        Building and Grounds Maintenance

EDBA                                     Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials

EEA                                        Student Transportation Services

EEACA                                  Bus Driver Examination and Training

EEACC (Also JFCC)           Student Conduct on School Buses

EF                                           Food Services Management

EFAB                                     Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs

EFB                                        Free and Reduced Price Food Service

EGAA                                                Printing and Duplicating Service/Copyright Material

EGAA-R                                Printing and Duplicating Service/Copyright Material Regulations

EI                                            Insurance Management

EIBA                                      Indemnification of Employees



SECTION F:  Facilities Development


Section F of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on school construction, remodeling and modernizing, temporary facilities, and facilities retirement plans.


FA                               Facilities Development Goals

FB                               Facilities Planning

FC                               Facilities Capitalization Program

FD (Also KBE)          Bond Campaigns

FEA                            Educational Specifications

FEB                            Selection of Architect

FEC                            Facilities Development Plan and Specifications

FECA                         Site Plans and Specifications

FED                            Construction Cost Estimate and Determination

FEE                            Site Acquisition Procedure

FEFA                         Contractor’s Fair Employment Clause

FEFB                          Contractors Affidavits and Guarantees

FEG                            Supervision of Construction

FL                               Retirement of Facilities



SECTION G:  Personnel


Section G of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for personnel policies.  This section has three main subdivisions:  Subsection GB presents policy topics that pertain to all employees; subsection GC is for the policies that pertain to professional personnel who must hold certification by the state to serve in their positions; subsection GD is for policies pertaining to support, or non-certificated, personnel.


GB                              General Reference Policy

GBA                           Equal Opportunity Employment

GBC                           Staff Ethics

GBCA                        Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB                        Staff Conduct

GBE                           Staff Health and Safety

GBEB                       Employee Communicable Diseases

GBEB-R                     Employee Communicable Disease Guidelines

GBEC                         Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Employees (Drug Free Workplace)

GBE-R                       Body Fluids Regulations

GBG                           Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBI                             Staff Gifts and Solicitations

GBK (Also KGC)      Smoking on School Premises

GBL                            Personnel Records

GBL-E                        Waiver of Right to Inspect

GBL-F                        Notice of Release of Personnel Records

GBM                           Staff Complaints and Grievance Policy

GBM-E                       Staff Complaints and Grievances Procedure Forms

GBM-R                      Staff Complaints and Grievances Procedure

GCA                           Professional Staff Positions

GCB                           Qualifications of Teachers

GCBDA                     Professional Staff Sick Leave

GCBDC                     Professional Staff Jury Duty

GCBDE                      Family and Medical Leave (Professional Staff)

GCBDE-R                 Family and Medical Leave (FMLA Leave) (Professional Staff)

GCC                           Professional Staff Recruiting

GCDB/GDDB            Employee Criminal Background Check

GCG                           Professional Staff Employment Status

GCI                             Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCN (Also AFC)       Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCPA                         Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPB                         Early Retirement

GCPD                         Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members

GDBB                         Support Staff Supplemental Pay Plans

GDN (Also AFD)       Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQ                           Teacher Assistance



SECTION H: Negotiations


Section H of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements pertaining to the process of negotiating with staff units recognized by the school board.






Section I of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on the instructional program: basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources, academic achievement.


IF                                Curriculum Development

IFD                             Curriculum Adoption

IGAA                           Citizenship Education

IGAB                           Human Relations Education

IGDK                          Participation of Alternative Instruction Students

IGDK-L                      SDHSAA Eligibility Checklist for Alternative Instruction Students

IIBE                            Distance Learning Policy

IIBE-E                        Distance Learning Contract

IIBG                           Use of Technology Resources

IIBG-R                       Internet Acceptable Use

IM (Also AFE)           Evaluation of Instructional Programs





Section J of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repos­itory for statements concerning students--admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare services.  However, all policies pertaining to the instruction of students, and ex­tracurricular programs and the curriculum are filed in the I (Instruction) section.


JC-JECC                               School Attendance Areas and Assignment of Resident Students

JED                                        Student Absences and Excuses

JED-R                                    Elementary Attendance Policy

JED-R                                    High School Attendance Policy

JEDDD                                  Senior Trip Policy

JFCC (Also EEACC)           Student Conduct on School Buses

JFCD                                     Cyber Bullying

JFCE                                      Student Bullying

JFCE-R                                  Bullying Regulation

JFCF                                       Hazing

JFCHH                                   Alcohol Sensor Device

JFH                                         Grievance Procedure Policy

JFH-E                                     Student Patron Complaints and Grievances Forms  

JHCC                                     Student  Communicable Diseases

JHCC-R                                 Student  Communicable Diseases Guidelines (Regulation)

JM                                           Early Graduation

JO                                           Student Records

JOA                                        Student Recruitment                                                              

JOA-E                                    Denial or Consent Form                                 

JO-N                                       Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

JO-R                                       Compliance with FERPA



SECTION K:  School-Community Relations


Section K of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repos­itory for statements on relations with the general public and with other community and public agencies except other educational agencies and groups.


KBAA                           Public Records

KBE (Also FD)          Bond Campaign

KC (Also ABA )         Community and Parent Involvement (Also ABA )

KD (Also BDDH)        Public Participation at Board Meetings

KG                             Community Use of School Facilities

KGC (Also GBK)        Smoking on School Premises

KG-E                          Facility Use and Equipment Agreement (Page 1)

KG-E                          Facility Use and Equipment Agreement (Page 2)



SECTION L: Education Agency Relations


Section L of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repos­itory for statements which concern the district’s relationship with other educational agencies—other school districts, regional or service districts, private schools, colleges and universities, educational research organizations, and state and national education agencies.